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Tessuti di Prato: fancy with Italian taste

After decades of consumeristic hangover, of ready-to-wear and disposable fashion, the world of fashion is changing again: words like “sustainability” and “reuse” are obtaining always more weight in the declared intents of leading fashion companies, and a company like Tessuti di Prato, with its roots in the tradition of naturals and regenerate fibers, has all it’s needed to play this new game.
All our staff cooperate with a solid network of local companies with proven experience, strictly supervised and monitored towards one and only objective: full client satisfation in the shortest time.

Quality is the true Luxury

The word “Luxury” is being linked again to the word “Quality”, and no longer to “Exclusivity”. Luckily for us!

Experience and Harmony

Experience is absolutely needed to combine materials, effects and colors in order to reach the expected result. And we have it!

Just in time fabrics

Companies we cooperate with to produce our fabrics are all located around us: this way following the production becomes easier and faster!

Tessuti di Prato in summary

Our Strenghts

  • Italian Style

  • Made in Italy

  • Delivery times

  • Customization

  • Quality

  • Price

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